By downloading our Go Wild Gorillas App you will be contributing to Durrell’s Rewild Our World strategy to better connect 1 million people to nature by 2025.

The aim is to better understand how aware we are of the environment around us, how it makes us feel and how it affects our wellbeing.

When tracking the troop via our Go Wild Gorillas App you will be asked to complete a short survey before you start the trail, and again once you finish the trail.

When you unlock certain gorillas on the app you will be asked how the environment makes you feel.

Why is this important to Durrell?

Restoring the health of our planet requires people to positively change how they value the environment by building a strong emotional connection between people and the natural world.

Through our work in the wild and at our zoo, we will reconnect people with nature and help drive the societal change needed to save and restore the natural world.

By taking part in the survey you are contributing to our scientific study into the benefits of rewilding, and we greatly appreciate your involvement.