What is Go Wild Gorillas?

Go Wild Gorillas is the Channel Islands’ largest, mass-participation art event to date, made up of over eighty individually designed gorilla sculptures created by professional, emerging and, as yet, undiscovered artists, as well as a number of Jersey’s schools and community groups.

The event comes to an end in November at the Grand Gorilla Auction, where the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for a new, state-of-the-art indoor home for the gorillas at Jersey Zoo.

When is it? And where?

Go Wild Gorillas takes place in Jersey from Saturday 27th July – Monday 14th October 2019.

Forty life-size, artist-imagined silverback gorilla sculptures can be discovered outdoors in areas of natural beauty and cultural significance, allowing those following the trail to explore the wonders of Jersey and connect to nature. Meanwhile, forty-five young gorillas are on display in local cafés, shops, attractions and other indoor public spaces. A Go Wild Gorillas map and online app will be available to help you navigate the trail.

Is the event free?

Yes! The Go Wild Gorillas trail is free to explore, so everyone can enjoy this colourful troop of gorillas!

Why gorillas?

This year is the 60th anniversary of when Jersey Zoo first opened its doors to the public and the important work of what was to later become the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust began. Since the very beginning, gorillas have been an iconic part of the zoo and so in this landmark year we celebrate Jersey’s gorilla family that have been an iconic part of the island for 60 years.  

The money raised from the sponsorship of the Go Wild Gorillas sculptures and the Grand Gorilla Auction in November will help Durrell fund the build of a new, state-of-the-art, indoor home for the gorillas at Jersey Zoo.

Where can I get a Go Wild Gorillas map?

Route maps will be available once the trail has launched on the 27th July in most tourist locations, including Visit Jersey and Jersey Zoo.

The map can also be found on our website.

What is the Go Wild Gorillas app?

The sculpture trail will also be supported by an interactive app. Available on both iOS and Android phones, the app is £1.99. The app can be found by searching ‘Go Wild Gorillas’ in your app store. The app will enable visitors to ‘collect’ all the sculptures they find, help you track the route, enable you to vote for your favourite gorilla, and unlock special rewards and offers when most sculptures are found.


The £1.99 for the Go Wild Gorillas app goes towards Durrell’s costs for creating the app. Once that cost is covered, all funds raised from app sales come directly to Durrell.


Yes, you can vote for as many gorillas as you like on the app, but you can only vote for each gorilla once.

How long does it take to complete the trail?

To visit all 40 silverback gorillas is a route of over 50 miles. How you complete this route is up to you — by foot, bus, bike or even swim, so how long it will take will vary! However, we challenge you to fundraise for Durrell and complete the whole route in one weekend! Click here to download our fundraising pack.

Who is involved in the event and how does it work?

Businesses, community groups and education establishments were invited to sponsor a blank gorilla sculpture — ‘the canvas’. From July 2019, over eighty individually designed gorillas go on display across Jersey’s wild spaces and urban areas, creating a unique and engaging art trail.

Local businesses attended the Go Wild Gorillas launch event in September 2018, where they were invited to sponsor a ‘blank’ gorilla sculpture. The sponsors selected their final design for their gorilla in January 2019.

Artists from Jersey, the UK and further afield were encouraged to submit designs for the gorilla sculptures. Over one-hundred submissions were carefully whittled down for the Design Selection Event, where they were presented to the sponsors to choose from. The successful artists were commissioned and paid an honorarium to customise each sculpture.

Schools and colleges in Jersey were given the opportunity to join in the fun, adopting and designing their own smaller gorilla sculptures whilst engaging in the Go Wild Gorillas Creative Learning Programme. These ‘young’ gorillas are on display in cafés, shops and other public spaces around Jersey as part of the trail and are then returned to their owners as a lasting legacy.

Community groups from across the island were also given the chance to get involved with the Creative Learning Programme and design their own smaller gorilla sculptures, which form part of the trail alongside the young gorillas created by local students.

Residents and visitors explore the sculpture trail using the Go Wild Gorillas printed map and/or the online app, which will help you navigate the island, discover new places and unlock exciting rewards!

Who is behind the event?

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a global charity on a mission to save species from extinction. Durrell together with Wild in Art are the team behind Go Wild Gorillas, with Durrell being the charity benefitting from the funds raised. Since 2017, the two organisations have been working in partnership to produce this high-quality, meaningful and innovative event that makes a difference.

Wild in Art’s global brand and events have enabled more than £10million to be raised for charitable causes to date and helped millions of people of all ages to experience art by making it a part of everyday life. Since 2008 Wild in Art has animated cities across the world including Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town and Sao Paulo, and created trails for the London Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Historic Royal Palaces and Penguin Random House.

What is the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and what do they do?

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a global charitable organisation whose mission is ‘Saving Species from Extinction’ and, given the rapidly declining state of the world’s wildlife, the Trust’s work is more important today than ever before. Whilst saving species remains at the heart of what they do, their ambitions for bringing about change go beyond this. In the long-term, Durrell wants to not only prevent extinctions but also recover populations of threatened species. They will harness their species management expertise to drive the rewilding of ecosystems so that they are more functional, diverse and resilient; thereby improving the quality of local people’s lives. Through Durrell’s work in the wild and at their zoo in Jersey, they aim to reconnect people with nature and help drive the societal change needed to save and restore the natural world.

Where can I find out more about Durrell?

Visit their website: www.durrell.org

Follow them on social media:

Twitter: @DurrellWildlife

Instagram: @durrell_jerseyzoo

Facebook: @DurrellWildlife & @JerseyZooOfficial

#durrellwildlife | #gowildfordurrell

How is Go Wild Gorillas being funded?

Staging large-scale events requires a lot of upfront investment, so the support of local companies to take up sponsorship packages was critical. Each of the forty life-size gorilla sculptures has been sponsored, ranging from £5k to £40k depending on the package.

Being a Go Wild Gorillas sponsor is a business development opportunity offering the chance for companies to raise their profile, gain access to new customers and generate sales, develop new key stakeholder relationships and realise their corporate social responsibility. It’s also an opportunity to help promote health and wellbeing to employees, and to be part of a fun and family-friendly initiative that promotes community cohesion and showcases Jersey’s creativity.

The money from the purchase of sponsorship packages goes towards covering the cost of manufacturing the gorilla sculptures, paying the artists who decorate the sculptures, and the entire event infrastructure, operations, logistics and all Go Wild Gorillas associated events.

Will all the gorilla sculptures feature different designs?

Yes, each sculpture will feature its own unique design. Expect an amazing array of designs showcasing a range of styles, techniques and themes, and some Jersey-themed visual puns!

What happens if a gorilla is vandalized?

If you see any damage or vandalism to a gorilla sculpture, please call our helpline to report it: 07797 922776

Someone from the Go Wild Gorillas team will then inspect and repair the damage. In some instances, the sculpture may have to be removed temporarily or permanently in order to fix it, and to keep the public safe. If you see any damage or vandalism to a young gorilla, please report it to a member of staff at the venue.

What happens to the gorillas once the event finishes?

At the end of the trail, the troop comes together for a special Goodbye Gorillas event at Jersey Zoo from the 1st to 4th November, giving people a last chance to see the gorillas all in one place before they head off to the Grand Gorilla Auction to find their forever homes.

On 6th November, the gorillas will take centre stage at the auction to raise valuable funds for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, allowing them to finance the build of a new, state-of-the-art, indoor home for the gorillas at Jersey Zoo.

Can I buy a gorilla?

Yes, all the silverback gorillas and two young gorillas (Gorilla 54 & The Plastic Ocean) will be sold at the Grand Gorilla Auction on 6th November 2019. You will soon be able to register for the event, which will be hosted by our event partners at The Royal Yacht.

All community and school gorillas will return to their creators as a legacy of the trail.

How much is likely to be raised for the charity?

It is anticipated that Go Wild Gorillas will raise significant funds for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to launch the campaign to build a new, state-of-the-art home for Jersey Zoo’s gorilla family. Durrell invites everyone to join in by donating or fundraising in support of Go Wild Gorillas.

What are the gorilla sculptures made of?

Wild in Art sculptures are designed as a canvas for art and are made of lightweight, fire resistant fibreglass.

Where are the sculptures made?

The manufacturers of Wild in Art sculptures are based in Wales and Poland.

The team is made up of talented designers, crafts people and experienced model makers, who provide custom prop, exhibition and 3-D display services.

Where can I find more information about Go Wild Gorillas?

For more information about the event and the organisations behind it, visit www.gowildgorillas.org or follow Go Wild Gorillas on social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/gowildgorillas

Twitter: @gowildgorillas 

Instagram: @gowildgorillas