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The Trail

Go Wild Gorillas is an island-wide sculpture trail that celebrates Durrell’s 60th anniversary. In partnership with Wild in Art, this trail brings colourful, exciting and thoughtful works of art to Jersey. The sculptures lead people on a trail of discovery, not only to see the gorillas themselves, but the nature in which they are placed.

The 40 life-size gorilla sculptures have been sponsored by local companies and designed by artists from Jersey, the UK and beyond. In addition, there are over 40 small gorillas decorated by schools and community groups, making Go Wild Gorillas the Channel Islands’ largest, mass-participation art event.

Our Young Gorilla trail is now live.
To discover our troop of Silverback Gorillas check back on the 27th July 2019.

Why Gorillas?

Gorillas are majestic, powerful yet gentle animals, and one of our closest living relatives. But they are in peril. All four subspecies of gorilla are under threat due to habitat loss, hunting, wildlife trade, and the spread of infectious disease.

Jersey Zoo has been home to western lowland gorillas for nearly 60 years. We have cared for three silverbacks and their families, and successfully bred over 20 individuals. As part of our commitment to the conservation of the species we bring gorilla rangers from Africa to Jersey each year to train with staff here.

The current zoo habitat boasts an extensive outside area where gorillas roam amongst natural vegetation. The indoor area, however, requires redevelopment. We have a bold and exciting plan for a major extension to the existing building, which will create:

  • Two new, large exhibition dens, quadrupling the size of the existing areas. The interiors will feature a ‘biofloor’ with natural features within.
  • An advanced, translucent roof that allows full natural daylight to flood in.
  • A row of smaller dens where we can manage animals at close quarters.
  • An additional, extensive outside area and bedroom dens, for their health and well being.
  • A stunning visitor interpretation area, where gorillas pass overhead.

This development, utilising the latest construction methods, incorporates the best design features taken from modern gorilla builds around the world. It will provide an advanced gorilla home habitat, providing the optimum conditions for their welfare, not just for today but well into the future.

Our Gorilla Family



Date of birth 27th September 1999
Place of Birth Vallée des Singes Park, France

Badongo is our resident silverback gorilla, the leader of the group. it’s his responsibility to protect the group from perceived threats and maintain order, intervening when there are squabbles. Badongo’s mother, Virunga, is one of the last gorillas in any European zoo to have been born in the wild and therefore his offspring will make important contributions to the gorilla gene pool in zoos. Badongo is a patient and attentive father, often seen playing with his son, Indigo.



Date of birth 23rd April 1994
Place of Birth Melbourne Zoo, Australia

Bahasha is our youngest adult female. She arrived in Jersey in 2001 from Melbourne Zoo, and since then her confidence has gradually grown. Today she enjoys a central role within the group. She has been an enthusiastic playmate to younger gorillas here, and we hope that one day she will have offspring of her own.

Hlala Kahili

Hlala Kahili

Date of birth 23rd January 1998
Place of Birth Jersey Zoo

Hlala Kahilli is the daughter of Jambo, Durrell’s first silverback. She grew up surrounded by her many siblings. She has a quiet, self-assured nature and has always charmed and bonded with any new male joining the Durrell gorilla group. In 2012 she gave birth to her fourth offspring, Indigo.



Date of birth 9th November 1978
Place of Birth Howletts Wild Animal Park, UK

Kishka is the oldest gorilla at Durrell. She had a daughter with Durrell’s first silverback, Jambo. Despite her gentle, unassuming nature, Kishka is a strong and stable character. Following the death of Jambo in 1992 she took on a matriarchal role, helping the family through the period of transition.

Trail Timeline



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