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In the UK there are over 100,000 strokes occurring each year – that’s 1 stroke every 5 minutes.

Stroke Association is a charity supporting people affected by stroke. We deliver services across the UK, campaign for better stroke care, invest in research and fundraise to expand our reach to as many stroke survivors as possible.

A stroke can happen to anyone, regardless of age and in Jersey, over 125 people a year are affected by stroke – it’s not just the often life-changing, debilitating impact on the stroke survivor but also the wider family and friends.

Our Stroke Recovery Service in Jersey provides support to people who have had a stroke, their family and carers to provide information, advice and support. We offer aqua-therapy sessions for stroke survivors for additional physiotherapy and also hold a weekly Peer Support Group for stroke survivors and carers to attend.

As part of our prevention work, we offer Know Your Blood Pressure Events which is blood pressure testing and advice to members of the public and corporates – high blood pressure is a major risk factor for ischaemic stroke with up to 40% due to high blood pressure. We believe some strokes are preventable.


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