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Durrell Index: Measuring our Impact

Durrell has worked hard for six decades to conserve wildlife and help local people. So, it’s vital that we, like all charities, measure and provide evidence for the thing we care about the most - achieving our mission of saving some of the most threatened species on Earth from extinction. The Durrell Index is our sector-leading approach to doing this. It includes a suite of ‘key performance indicators’ and illustrative stories that we use to track the threats facing our species, the actions we take, and the difference we make to species, ecosystems and people: our impact.

Our most important indicator, which rigorously measures the success of our mission, is the ‘Red List Index’. It tracks the survival chances of our target species over time and compares them to a scenario in which no conservation action was taken. The difference is our overall impact - an improvement of 150% - proof that our conservation approach works. Through the Durrell Index, we can continue to learn from and improve our approach, and effectively allocate our resources to achieve the best possible results.

Please note: This is a holding page while our website is upgraded. Please check back here soon to find out more about our impact and how we measure it.

ReWild Our World

We have a bold vision of a ‘wilder, healthier, more colourful world’ and want to bring about a step-change in global efforts to recover endangered species and ‘rewild’ degraded ecosystems. We combine our species management expertise and our science-based approach, and work in partnership at ten rewilding sites spread across the world’s major ecosystems to save critically threatened species. Our long-term goal is to rewild damaged ecosystems by restoring species and ecological functions to create more diverse, beautiful and resilient landscapes, where local people will better connect with nature, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

ReWild Yourself
ReWild Our World